Working together as lawyers allows us to better serve our clients and the community. 


We apply a fresh lens to the way law has traditionally been practiced, including leveraging technology, implementing transparent billing models, educating our clients, and committing to social betterment.


Instead of scaling to become big law firms, we are creating a network to enable us and our clients to be more nimble and accessible.


meet our founding unicorns


Sam Mazzeo, Esq.

Sam is a gif master, and demands that you cease and desist pronouncing “GIF” with a J. He worked with Oceana and served as in-house counsel with Invisible Children before co-founding the firm, wilkmazz. Sam’s practice areas include business formation, intellectual property, and contract drafting/negotiating.

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Shivani Honwad, Esq.

Shivani is a world traveler, with 41 stamps on her passport to date. A graduate of American University Washington College of Law, Shivani has worked with prominent local and multinational business and family-based immigration law firms to help individuals obtain legal services and resources. Her practice areas at the Law Firm of Shivani Honwad include immigration law, contract negotiation, and trademarks.


grant Atkinson, Esq.

Grant is an amateur acrobat and photographer. After graduating from Santa Clara University, he left a stuffy law firm to launch a firm in-tune with the creative spirit: Framework. Grant’s practice areas include business and intellectual property.


emily Wilkinson, Esq.

Emily brings the magic everywhere she goes. No, literally—she brings gemstones everywhere. She graduated top of her class from Chapman Law School.