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Sam Mazzeo, Esq. | San Diego, CA

Sam is a gif master, and demands that you cease and desist pronouncing “GIF” with a J. He worked with Oceana and served as in-house counsel with Invisible Children before partnering with Emily to open up their firm, wilkmazz. See all the serious stuff here.

Practice Areas:

  • Business formation;

  • Intellectual property; and

  • Contract drafting/negotiating.

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Darrell White, Esq. | Irvine / Los Angeles, CA

Darrell is a trial lawyer striving to serve entrepreneurial clients of all kinds. He is a partner at Kimura, London & White, LLP, which provides legal support to clients in California and New York. He works primarily from the Irvine office. See all the serious stuff here.

Practice Areas:

  • Complex Business Disputes;

  • Real Estate Law; and

  • Litigation.

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Kevin Gres, Esq. | Los Angeles, CA

Kevin is a former Los Angeles prosecutor who now concentrates in criminal defense. He founded the Law Offices of Kevin Gres in 2015 to represent individuals and corporations accused of or under investigation for crimes. His hobbies include: basketball, martial arts, and fishing. See all the serious stuff here.

Practice Areas:

  • Criminal Defense;

  • White Collar Crimes; and

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes.

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grant Atkinson, Esq. | Los Angeles, CA

Grant is an amateur acrobat and photographer; he left a stuffy law firm to launch a firm in-tune with the creative spirit: Framework. See all the serious stuff here

Practice Areas:

  • General business law; and

  • Intellectual property.

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Rachel Fischbein, Esq. | San Francisco, CA

Rachel was the biggest nerd in fashion school: she fell in love with the paperwork part. She has since founded Law On The Runway, is a Director of San Francisco's Fashion Incubator, SV BeautyTech Accelerator Mentor, and a Board Member of Fashion Community Week. On Saturday mornings, you can find her obsessively comparing flowers at the farmers market. See all the serious stuff here

Practice Areas: 

  • Brand Protection and Design Licensing;

  • Collaborations with Models and Influencers; and

  • Corporate Structures and Fundraising.

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Parag Amin, Esq. | Los Angeles, CA

Parag is a trial lawyer and adventure-seeker. He founded LawPLA in 2012, which specializes in business litigation, personal injury, and employment law matters. In his spare time, he sky-dives, swims with sharks, and is a certified scuba diver. See all the serious stuff here.

Practice Areas:

  • Business Litigation;

  • Personal Injury; and

  • Employment Law.

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Shivani-Honwad-website headshot.jpg

Shivani Honwad, Esq. | New York, NY + Los Angeles, CA

Shivani is a world traveler, with 41 stamps on her passport to date, & passionate human rights advocate. Shivani held a judicial clerkship and worked in the public and private sectors in NYC before launching her own firm: The Law Firm of Shivani Honwad LLC. See all the serious stuff here

Practice Areas: 

  • Immigration law;

  • Contract drafting/negotiation; and

  • Trademarks.

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Jenna Glassock, Esq. | Los Angeles, CA

Jenna is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server who can help you with your estate planning. She started her work in this area to help others avoid the painful (and expensive) experience that she had with the probate system after her mom passed away without a sufficient estate plan in place. See all the serious stuff here.

Practice Areas: 

  • Estate Planning;

  • Trust Administration; and

  • Probate Representation.

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Kyle Westaway, Esq. | New York, NY

Kyle is a social entrepreneur literally obsessed with social entrepreneurship. A legal disruptor (so to speak), he founded Westaway in 2007. Kyle is also the author of “Profit & Purpose” and a lecturer at Harvard Law School. See all the serious stuff here.

Practice Areas:

  • Startups and funding;

  • Intellectual property; and

  • General Counsel.

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