Events committee

Are you a social butterfly who enjoys planning events and workshops? This committee focuses on the development and implementation of our various events. You will be able to gain experience event planning and have a voice in our event topics and locations.

Committee Chair & Email: Shivani Honwad | Shivani@shivanilaw.com

Next Meeting: TBD

Membership committee

Do you have a vision for how we can grow and scale? This committee focuses on membership development and maintenance by implementing recruitment efforts and approving Unicorn applications each quarter.

Committee Chair & Email: Emily Wilkinson | emily@wilkinsonmazzeo.com

Next Meeting: TBD

R&D Committee

Do you nerd out on discovering new technologies to make your firm more efficient? This committee focuses on innovation as it pertains to the Society’s platforms, processes, and all things technology.

Committee Chair & Email: Sam Mazzeo | sam@wilkinsonmazzeo.com

Next Meeting: TBD

Marketing Committee

Are you a branding and marketing wizard? This committee works in tandem with the other committees and, when applicable, the Society’s social media person, to develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

Committee Chair & Email: Grant Atkinson | grant@frameworklaw.com

Next Meeting: TBD